Love is a bit like a lock and a key. most times, you put your house key in the hole and it opens right up, it means the lock and the key where made for each other, they fit nicely. but sometimes, you put the wrong key in the hole and forget you left your actual key in the car. Even when you try and try to get the stupid key in the damn keyhole, it still wont go in, so you jam it haradrer into the lock and eventually break the key. The key will stay broken until you need it again. So you'll go the the store and buy some speical name brand super glue and put the key back together so it can go in the right keyhole this time. This time, the key wont break and you won't need to put all that effort into fixing it.
But sometimes the key will be the right key for the door but when you first put it in, it doesn't fit and you give up after that, and bring that key to a different lock but like the other time, it doesn't work. so after fixing it, you bring it back to the other lock and it works, and you are happy that you get to be home and safe all thanks to the key.